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A web development company to build web and mobile applications

What is Code matrix Zone

About us

We are a leading digital agency based in Rotterdam since 2007, we strive to meet the changing needs of the digital age by building a visually attractive web and mobile applications to present our clients brand.
Recently, we have lunched Matrix Master, a new way to present your courses and share it with your students.
Are you interested to learn WEB DEVELOPMENT? We are providing a MERN stack courses for 3 months . contact us for more info

We Produce Emotion

Provide your web and mobile users with
the best experience by sharing the most
detailed images.

Digital Solutions

We present your brand in the best possible way by building tailored awsome looking websites, mobile and web applications

Online Advertising

Expand your online presence and promote your brand by reaching to a huge audience through well designed campaigns

E-learning System

Providing an platform where the companies can share their courses with their employee

Our Portfolio

It’s an Education platform for teaching web programing.¬†

E-commerce Web shop to sell Syrian Cotton Clothe 

Online Golf shop for golf lovers In the Europa.

Our Plan

To provide innovative and effective integrated websites and
web applications which help our clients creatively present their brand, grow their business, and achieve their marketing goals.
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Why Code Matrix Zone

Our Mission

As a leading digital agency we strive by helping ambitious organisations plan, design and develop high performance websites and online workflow systems to maximise growth and profitability.

New Awesome Features

Welcome Matrix Master

Its an online education platform that allowing the componies to provide special courses for thier employee, In other hand student can get benefit to join an open courses and learn from it.

Your Content. Your Way

We are using the latest technology in the market. Here some of them